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I collect debts owed to corporations, banks, businesses, and individuals who are owed deficiency money balances – including vehicle and equipment purchases, unsecured notes and open accounts, lease terminations, commercial and consumer debts, and dormant judgments. For more information contact my office to discuss our ability to help you collect, or fill out our online Collection Questionnaire.


We comply with all requirements of the laws and regulations that apply to debt collectors and attorneys.  You will be asked for identifying information to confirm that you have the right under the law to discuss an account.  If you have an attorney, you are advised to correspond thru the attorney or have the attorney notify our office that we have permission to discuss your account with you directly.

Your Account

If you have received correspondence from my office requesting payment on an account or if you have other account questions such as your balance, was payment received, or the like - contact my office and ask for your account representative.  My staff is trained to give you accurate information and help you work out a payment arrangement and give you the ability to make settlement on terms that are within your budget.   


Our paralegal staff can help resolve questions regarding legal documents you have received from our office or help with other questions.  Call at your convenience.

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