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Personal Injury and Malpractice
Attorney’s fees for personal injury and malpractice cases are based on a contingency fee which means I collect attorney fees only if I can recover money for you.  The usual contingency is 1/3 of the amount recovered.  There is no charge for the initial conference.

Personal Injury FAQs

Attorney’s fees for collection cases are usually on a contingency basis.  If it is more appropriate for the client to pay an hourly rate, the rate will be discussed and  agreed upon by the client and attorney.  The contingency fee is dependent on the amount of files that will be placed with the firm, the nature of the case(s), and the amount(s) to be collected.  Contingency fee rates range from 30% to 50%.  Court costs are paid by the firm and billed each month to the client.  All fees and costs are accounted for in a monthly report that are sent with the client proceeds the first week following the month money is collected or costs are incurred. You my request a sample agreement by contacting us or call us (505-898-6311 ext. 3014) for more information at your convenience. 

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