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PERSONAL INJURY Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What type of cases do you take?
This firm accepts personal injury cases.  The field of personal injury law covers several types of lawsuits which are those demanding money recovery for the damages resulting from a “tort” - a French word meaning "wrong". Tort law is the body of law which determines rights and liabilities when property is damaged or a person is injured, through negligent or intentional conduct. A very common tort is the negligent operation of a motor vehicle that results in property damage and personal injury in an automobile accident. The more common personal injury cases include:

  • - Wrongful Death
  • - Vehicle Accident
  • - Motorcycle Accidents
  • - Drunk Driving Accident
  • - Catastrophic Injury

How do I pay for an attorney to help me?
The initial consultation is free and there are no attorneys' fees until the attorney obtains compensation for you.  This is a “contingency fee” case which means the attorney will recover only if he is able to recover money for the client.  The contingency fee is a percentage of the recovery.  The amount of the contingency fee and how costs will be apportioned will be covered in the initial consultation and will be agreed upon in writing.

What should I bring with me to the initial consultation?
We recommend to all potential clients that they obtain the following documentation to bring with them to the first consultation:

- Medical and Hospital Records

- Names, addresses, and phone numbers of all doctors seen since the accident and any doctor seen in the year prior to the accident

- Contact information for any insurance adjuster that may have contacted you.

- Police Report

- Insurance coverage sheets for “each” vehicle you own which also includes the policy number and name of the insurance company.  There are instances that insurance on every vehicle owned can be used to recovery from an accident, so it is important that you bring “all” policies.

- Any information you have available concerning the other driver or possible defendant.

- Photos available of the accident site, photos of the damages incurred (both property and personal), and photos of the other vehicle(s) involved

- Photos of the vehicle prior to the accident, if available.

- A simple drawing of the accident site including location, street names, and directional headings of vehicles at the time of the accident    

How long will a personal injury take to settle or go to trial?
This is a difficult question to answer with any degree of accuracy.  Some cases settle in a few weeks, others take much longer, and it may take more than a year to have a trial scheduled.  Any attempt to promise anything sooner could only be described as inaccurate at best.  The legal procedure can be complicated and time consuming because of the multiple parties and the legal system.  Your case will be handled in a manner that is designed to obtain the compensation you deserve and it will be done as soon as possible under the circumstances.  Remember that the law firm does not get paid until you are compensated, so everyone has the same motivation as you for an early and adequate monetary result.

Who do I ask to speak to when I call?
If you or someone you know has been damaged by the careless actions of another person or entity, please call us today (505-898-6311 ext. 3014).  You will be treated with respect and given the attention you deserve.  Your first telephone contact will be with a trained paralegal who will ask you about your claim and get as many facts as possible before scheduling the first interview with the attorney.  Or, you can fill out our personal injury questionnaire and send it to us and then you will be contacted by our office. You also can always call the general number (505-898-6311) and explain your needs to the receptionist who will make sure someone speaks with you as soon as possible.




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