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Three years ago I closed my practice and decided to send my delinquent accounts to LPZ for collection. Within a very short time, I began to see positive results. Thus, the last business decision of my professional practice turned out to be one of my best. Hiring LPZ has given me the peace of mind in knowing that the collection of our remaining outstanding accounts will continue to be handled in a professional competent manner.

~ Hartley Wess, Attorney (retired)

Being fairly new to the collections process with a small Credit Union, the Zamzok Law Firm was most impressive due to the obvious professionalism yet the ability to make us feel like our institution was the only one it serviced.  The turn-around time in answering questions and/or to provide an update on a member was flawless.  As the Collections Officer for the Credit Union whenever I had questions, the staff for the firm were quick to answer any question I had in a manner that wasn’t condescending.  I have found in many law firms you are made to feel inadequate to the point of embarrassment. The staff at Zamzok Law Firm treat their clients with integrity, dignity and the utmost professionalism.  Although it is clearly a business relationship, the bottom line is that you are treated like family.

~ Donna Martinez, Collections Officer, New Mexico Correctional Employees Federal Credit Union

Over the past few years, Lawrence Zamzok and his professional and friendly staff have handled many of our past due accounts receivable for Lamar Advertising of New Mexico. They have provided excellent service and their collection work has proved to be extremely successful in collecting past due accounts.

~ Christy Moses - Office Manager, Lamar Advertising of New Mexico

Our previous collections attorney tried but was not equipped to handle our specific type of accounts nor the volume we were sending him. Larry Zamzok and his firm took over our charged off portfolio and in a few short months, our recovery dollars increased substantially over previous years. He and his staff respond immediately to any concerns or questions and we look forward to continuing our relationship into the future.

~ Jeffrey Balding, CNAC Manager, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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